Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Ask the Gren

I do my best to report on the events in my life that I think will interest the folks who read here. However, this is your chance to tell me directly what stories you want to me to tell.

Are you curious about some aspect of who I am?
Did I leave out some pertinent detail about Norah?
Are you curious about something I alluded to in passing?

Just ask. Simply post your question or suggestion as a comment on this page, and I'll see what I can do. I may even respond in a timely fashion.

I’m not going to guarantee I’ll answer every question with a post. If it’s just a quick one, I may just answer it here as a comment. Or if I just don’t’ want to answer it…I won’t. I’ll do my best, however, to respond in some way to questions posted here.

Previously Answered Questions:

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Holey Man - An answer to Simon's question about nose rings
Who Wants a Hedgehog Thingy for Their Night Stand? - An answer to Mouse's question about books


JET said...

Dear Gren,
What is your real name and address? Also, what is your phone number and Social Security number?
Confused in St. Louis

JET said...

Dear Gren,
For a serious question If you had to eat one piece of meat, or a dinner, what would it be?

Moksha Gren said...

Jet - Thanks for getting that one out of the way. If you've truly forgotten...give Mom a call. I'm sure she can bring you back up to speed ;)

For your second question, I hadn't really anticipated this becoming a quiz...but I'll play along. Even though I can only asusme you're asking me so you can tempt me cruelly with whatever my answer may be.

I'd probably pick sushi. Hamburgers and such weren't a big love of mine even before I gave up meat, so the various fake meats do a fine job of covering whatever burger craving I happen to get. Quorn tastes enough like chicken that I never crave that. But there's just no fake sushi. Sushi is sushi. But even that is a pretty light craving and nothing likely to cause a cave.

JET said...

That is really a question that I wanted to know. I thought you were going to say that burger from the place off 370.

Mark said...

Tell us about the first time you smoked a joint. Or, smoked part of a joint.

Simon said...

What's up with the nose piercing? Why'd you get it in the first place and decide to do away with it? You probably wouldn't be married to Moonshot if you hadn't lost it before meeting her, so do you believe in fateful timing, or was that just blind coincidence?

Regarding Norah: what's the (approximately) greatest thing about having your very own kid to play with, and what do you realise now that you will never have again because of your parental responsibilities, or at least never again in the quantity to which you'd grown accustomed?

Mouse said...

Dear Gren:
What is your favorite book and/or author?

JET said...

Besides the birth of Norah, or marriage; what would be your favorite experience? (ie: living in Colorado, college, etc.)