Tuesday, March 04, 2008

I Gotta Call You Back…My Dad’s Being a Jerk

For your literary entertainment, a snapshot of 19-month old Norah’s current problem solving skills:

Entering the kitchen, I see her marching about with the portable phone to her ear.

“Hi!” she blurts into the receiver. “Yayayayamaaaaaa!” she continues while waving her free hand in the air. She then lowers the phone and begins hitting buttons. I hear a faint dial-tone and remember the various occasions that she has accessed the speed dial, calling unsuspecting friends and family. I take the phone away.

Tiny hands reach past a pouting face. “Da!” she demands.

“No, honey, you’re going to have to find something else to play with.”

She shoots a reproachful glare at me and then stomps off toward the sunroom. She heads directly to the stack of flash cards that have been left on the ottoman. Finding the card with the phone on it, she hoists it to her ear.
“Hi!” she blurts into the faux receiver. “Yayayayamaaaaaa!”