Friday, September 12, 2008

Norah Throwing Flora

As many of you may know, my brother, JET finally tied the knot with his wonderful new bride, Em. The entire ceremony was beautiful…but as the father of the flower girl, I’m rather partial to that specific section of the day.

Norah had done a few practice runs at home, showcasing her abilities to a) dump flower petals into one huge pile, b) stop walking and begin putting said petals back into the basket, then c) drop the basket and run away. Not exactly promising, but we all made our peace with the fact that two-year-old flower girls were mainly there to look cute and add comic relief. Whatever she did would be fine.

On the drive to the wedding, Moonshot asked young Norah if she remembered what she was supposed to do. Norah responded with what I’m told was a spot-on imitation of a snotty teenager. “Yeah!” she said in a tone that meant, “Gawd, Mom why do you keep asking this? It’s not like this is brain surgery.” So, Moonshot dropped it.

And then came the moment of truth.

Video by Marino Video Productions. Editing by JET (which explains why it starts a little late and runs a little later. But, on the up side, you get to see a tiny snippet of Em in her bridal splendor.


Simon said...

Quite the smashing performance by a two year-old, Moksha. She is to be commended. And running straight into her daddy's arms after that. The warm glow you must have had could probably have kept a whole tent heated through a typical Missouri January. (I have no idea what a typical Missouri January entails, but I'm quite sure it involves snow and below-freezing temperatures, so hopefully you'll agree that the picture I just painted is apt.)

And yes, Em looked deliciously lovely. Wonderful day!

75percentFunny said...

AWESOME! Sam had a similar role in my dad's wedding a few months back, but refused to go... along with 4 of the 6 other youngsters, so maybe she was just sticking with the cool kids. :-)

You must be so proud!

émilie b said...

Wow, Norah's quite a champ. (Xavier would most likely have looked at the crowd, stood there gaping - and possible run off.) Way to focus on the job, Norah Lu!

And Em (great name, btw), high five for going strapless! So pretty. Congratulations to Em and Jet.

Mark said...

What a perfect performance. I mean, perfection isn't expected, but when it comes it's to be, as my favorite Canadian once put it, commended.

The funny thing about weddings? Every one I've ever been in (including my own) has seen all of us standing there during the rehearsal wondering what we're supposed to do and when. But, the day of the ceremony, everything goes off without a hitch (except for the "hitch" between the bride and groom).

Yay Norah!

Moksha Gren said...

Simon - Yes, it is typically below freezing for a Missouri winter, although there has been less snow of late. Regardless, I was putting off a warm glow at that particular moment. The Olypics were just concluding and I remember thinking after the wedding, "how did Michael Phelps' mom not just explode?"

Mr. Funny and Emilie - I fully expected a show just like the ones you describe. Had she been in a slightly different mood that day, this could have gone in another direction entirely. No one was as shocked as I was...but probably only one other person was a proud.

Mark - I too have noticed this pattern. Total chaos for the rehersal followed by seemless performance the next day. Even with half the guys in the wedding party completely drunk (we were told to go wait in the bar next to teh church while the ladies had their pictures taken...bad move in retrospect) everything flowed exactly as it was supposed to. Go figure.

Susan said...

What a cutie! I bet you could hire her out to do other weddings... make a few dollars on the side :)

émilie b said...

"there has been less snow of late"

... well it's because it's ALL HERE!! We've had RECORDS of the stuff last year.

Amy said...

That is a serious amount of cuteness.