Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Gren Rises

It all happens so fast. Life just keeps on propelling me and my family through the days, weeks, and months that have elapsed since last I posted out here. Norah just keeps growing and changing on a daily basis. She barely resembles the baby pictures I last shared. However, the good news about being away for so long is that I get to saunter in with exciting news.

First of all, the backlogged tidbit that many of you already know. Norah is preparing herself for her new role as big sister. Her baby brother is expected to join in the family hubbub sometime in late November. Moonshot and I are rushing around in an attempt to get the house ready for the neglect it will suffer in the months following the arrival of the child we are temporarily calling Nugget. We’re unpacking and organizing boxes that we’ve been ignoring since we moved last year. We’re painting walls and generally making the house our own after all this time since we know it will never get any easier than right now.

For her part, Norah is excited but a little confused about the logistics of it all. Last night as Moonshot read her a story, she asked to look in her Mommy’s mouth. Moonshot obliged with a doctor’s office type “aaaaah.”

But Norah was unsatisfied, “It’s too dark, Mommy,” she complained.

“Too dark for what, sweetie?”

Norah’s face turned sad as she explained, “I can’t see the baby.”

These are the sorts of things I love about toddler logic. There is a baby in Mommy’s belly. Food I eat goes to my belly. Therefore… say aah, Mommy.

In other child related news, today was Norah’s first day of preschool. She has been excited about this for a few weeks. Her teacher Ms. Michelle mailed her a welcome letter last week and Norah has carried it around with her, periodically asking us to reread it to her. So, it was with much anticipation that she hefted her Elmo backpack and marched bravely into the new and fascinating world of public education. She did not reenact the screaming tantrum that I recall from my own childhood, but rather sat down at the tables and began the important task of making friends. She hugged us goodbye and never looked back. Three hours later, we picked her up and her first words to us were “I want go back there, Daddy.” Ok, I’m glossing there. Her very first words to me when I picked her up were “I want ride the bus.” Apparently, being seen with her parents is already uncool when all the big kids get to tool around town in a bright yellow party-on-wheels. I had kinda hoped to postpone that development until she hit her tween years, but I suppose I should just be proud that she’s clearly so wise beyond her years that she understands how unhip her father truly is.

But I digress, the second thing she said was, “I want go back there, Daddy”

So, I think she liked it. Here is the photographic evidence:

And finally, since I know this is what most of you come here for. Here are a few extra pictures of Norah that I’ve been hoarding to myself the last few months.

*As always, images can be clicked for closer scrutiny


Mark said...

Wonderful pics of the girlie girl. So, was the fire department soaking local kids one day, or what? Love that shot. The text was somewhat redundant for me, but I laughed aloud at what Norah said when she got home from preschool. Her attitude sounds about the same as Ben's was back in those days -- Mommy and Daddy who?

Moksha Gren said...

Mark - Yeah, you knew most of the news in this post, but I couldn't really carry on with anything new until I got the big bits out of the way. I tried to include some cute stories for those who would have otherwise been bored with the tales.

The fire department has to come drain the lines for the fire hydrants once a year. Our neighborhood simply calls them and tells them what day our block party is and the firefighters are cool and schedule their maintenance for that day. It really was the highlight of the event. The kids go absolutely nuts.

Also, I am currently playing with Firefox for the first time and noticing that all my witty mouse-overs don't show up in Firefox. Is there something I need to do in the html to make Firefox see that stuff?

Moksha Gren said...

Mark - Got it. I ran over and checked xkcd's code. It seems "title" is a more universal command than the "alt" I had been using.

Simon said...

I was going to make a comment about how Mark should read the captions in the mouse-overs, but at least now I know why he didn't see them. (Being at work, I of course am using Internet Explorer.)

That's incredibly cool that your local fire house schedules the line-cleaning for the same day as the block party. I can only think of that scene from that Weird Al movie where Michael Richards awarded kids on a game show with, "You get to drink from the FIRE HOSE!"

I will issue formal congratulations on the impending sibling, henceforth known as "Nugget". I hope this young person is everything Lutine could ever want in a genetically similar sibling who will steal most of the attention she's become accustomed to receiving. But don't worry -- I'm sure she'll be fine with all of it! ;)

Anonymous said...

I'm excited that a little boy will be joining your family! I think Norah will like having a little brother because she seems to choose boys as friends anyway.

Moksha Gren said...

Anonymous - That's true. She has repeatedly told us that she wants a little brother and NOT a little sister. Of course, even a little brother is actually a second place request. Typically when asked, she will tell us that she's hoping the baby is a T-Rex.

Simon said...

While a T-rex would be unimaginably cooler, I don't think Moonshot would like the delivery much at all.

émilie b said...

"And finally, since I know this is what most of you come here for."

I'm glad we got that straight.

omg omg omg! Norah's grown up. I love the swing picture, no matter how safe it is. The hair in the wind is what gets me. (I swear, some day Orly will have enough hair for ponytails.)

An early happy birthday to Norah, too!! 3 whole years in a week, w00t!

Theme decided already? I'm late in the prep work, but we're going with pirates for Xavier's party next week. I couldn't find hats, but I got foam swords for all the kiddos, and we'll start things at the splash pad if weather allows. "À l'abordage!"

Have fun!

Anonymous said...
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émilie b said...

Oh you removed it already. It was such an original spam! :P

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