Thursday, December 11, 2008

Long Overdue

As many of you have been too polite to publicly notice....I've not been keeping up with pictures of my Little Lutine. It's not that I don't find her as cute as ever. It's not that I haven't been taking pictures. It's just that...well, I've stopped sharing them with you. I know...quite rude of me.

Anyway, consider this post an appeasement of sorts. Because while many of you have refrained from noticing my laziness in public…you have been less reluctant to share your feelings in private. So here. Here are some pictures that showcase my little girl’s ever changing face. And, just so you know, the larger images linked to have been pre-formatted to 1280 x 960 so as to work perfectly for most wallpapers. (Well…not you crazy Mac users, but all the Mac users I know have daughters of their own they should be posting as a wallpaper…so any complaint they register will be an insult to their own family.)


Norah discovers the joys of finger painting

A picnic in Forest Park. Norah decided it was just a bit too scenic.

Norah wearing the old leather hat I wore when I was her age. I think my Dad picked it up in Mexico.

Norah wathcing TV.

Norah during our latest attempt to capture a Christmas card image. She's getting some molars so was throwing a fit about...well...we never really figured that out. But even her temper tantrum couldn't stop her from smiling when Daddy said "Cheese!"


Mark said...


Looking more and more like Moonshot everyday (for which we're all thankful, I'm sure).

Great catchemup post.

émilie b said...

Admit it: you've been refraining from posting pictures of Norah to maximize the effect of how much she's GROWN!

She's so sweet looking, too, and she's got the most amazing hair - I wish my baby girl had something on her head I could work with.

The two kiddos are hogging all the wallpaper space I've got, however.

That 'hat' picture is totally witchy.

I love your camera, btw. We're considering getting ourselves a DSLR as a Xmas gift. I've been spending whole evenings trying to make some sense of ISO, shutter speed and lens range. Do you like yours, what is it?

And thanks for the pics. It's great seeing Norah again. Now where's her little brother?

Simon said...

Having seen her in person less than a year ago, I can say how MUCH she's grown from just those few pictures. Mind you, that's, like, a quarter of a lifetime for her, or something like that. Puts things in more perspective for me.

Now I feel more pressure to post something of my own, too. Dang it.

(Do you get enough traffic that you really need that word verification CAPTCHA thingie? I mean really?)

Moksha Gren said...

Mark - As is so often true with kids, I don't really think she looks like me or my wife. Various family members and friends swear she looks just like one or the other us of...but to me she just looks like Norah. It's the way siblings so often don't think they look alike but do. So, I'm glad you see Moonshot in these pictures, but I don't get it ;)

Emilie - Yes, that's it. It's all been for effect.

That hair has taken a while to get there. She was born with quite a bit, and has really only ever had smallish trims. Your little girl will get there. But be careful what you wish for. Norah now has a bad habit of twisting her finger into her hair. It not only creates knots...but has on occasion twisted so tightly onto her finger that we had to cut her little purple digit free. We're waiting for this fun little phase to end.

No little brother for Norah just yet. We'll probably start working on that in the next few months...but no news to report just yet.

Also, I love my Nikon D40. Happy shopping.

Simon - Peer pressure, peer pressure! Hurry up and entertain me with your children's cuteness. Although watching a sleepy Tavish try to make sense of a time-dealyed webcam the other night did tide me over on that front a bit.

And no, I don't have enough traffic to justify my heightened security...but hearing you whine about it makes it all worth it

Josh & Emily said...

Welcome back!!

Susan said...

YAY! You're back and posting pics! I love it! She's beautiful! Look at how big she has gotten! Thanks for sharing her (again) with us!

Teacher Man said...

You have a beautiful girl, but you knew that.